Build Brand Awareness and Gain Customers With Consumer Financing

Did you know that your financing options can even help your customers or clients? Optimal Alternative Lending offers consumer finance options that make your business more convenient for current customers and more reputable to potential ones.

How It Works

If you have a credit card for one of your favorite stores, you already know how it works. When your customers come in, you can offer them store credit that is convenient and easy to apply for. The revolving line of credit makes it easy for your customers to pay for large purchases over time and allows them to re-use the credit as soon as they pay it off.

Why It Benefits Your Business

Consumer finance options aren’t just for your customers; they benefit your business as well. In addition to building brand awareness and encouraging repeat business by creating loyal customers, there are several other perks.

  • We offer quick decisions and high credit limits that keep your customers happy
  • We handle all customer support and train you and your employees
  • We offer E-Signature services for convenience
  • We handle any collection of bad debt so that you don’t have to

Get Started Today

Offer your customers or clients a line of credit with your business. Begin the process by getting in touch with the professionals at Optimal Alternative Lending today.