Expand or Retain Your Business by Financing or Leasing Equipment

Any business needs equipment to operate successfully. Whether you work with mobile electronics or heavy machinery, the items you need for your company to thrive cost money. Optimal Alternative Lending provides equipment financing options that allow you to purchase or lease the items you need.

Available Financing Programs

Our financial experts provide several different programs to help you find something that fits your needs. Our programs for startups allow companies that have been operating for less than two years to grow by purchasing more equipment to expand their product production or services.

We also offer a sale and lease back option for established companies that allows you to get working capital for other business pursuits without giving up your equipment. This option involves selling your equipment to us and then leasing it back from us. After you complete payments, it is yours to own again. Leasing provides several benefits.

  • Low monthly payments
  • Gives you working capital for advertising, inventory or other needs
  • Keeps your credit lines intact
  • Tax and accounting benefits

We’ll even upgrade and repair your equipment as needed while you’re leasing it, which saves you even more money.

Do you work in a government or municipal building? Our leasing options allow us to provide guaranteed equipment to a range of these establishments, including federal government agencies, police and fire departments, schools, libraries and armed services buildings.

What to Expect

When applying for equipment financing or leasing options, you have two choices: apply for up to $150,000 with no financial statements or provide full financials and receive up to $500,000. Regardless of which one you opt for, you will have little to no down payment, a variety of payment structures to choose from and excellent interest rates. Most applications are approved within 24 hours, and most businesses receive their capital within about seven business days.

Find out if equipment financing or leasing is right for you. Contact us at Optimal Alternative Lending today.