Financing for Organic Health Food Stores

Consumers are aware now more than ever of the value of putting nutrient dense food into our bodies. The internet has caused a boom in organic farming. Take advantage of the health-conscious consumer by opening an organic health food store. Not sure how to finance it? A food retail loan may provide the financing you need to open a store and reap the benefits of offering organic food and products.


Starting and maintaining a business requires capital. While it may seem only new entrepreneurs would benefit from seeking out a food retail loan, many existing businesses may benefit as well. Updating the store through renovations or by expanding a section can be costly upfront. Offering a more competitive retail environment can increase sales, but a loan can provide the capital needed to help the business grow. Marketing, technology changes and ecommerce are all areas that may need a boost in capital. Don’t scrimp by with minimal effort in these areas as they can really boost your store’s market share and influence in the community translating into an increase in foot traffic leading to greater sales.


A food retail loan may look like a traditional business bank loan, but there are a variety of financing options for businesses beyond that. These options may be a better fit for many entrepreneurs. The terms, funding time and rates vary for the different loan types. Financing options include:

  • Equipment Leasing
  • Bank Loans
  • Cash Advance
  • SBA Loans
  • Alternative Loans


Financial institutions offering SBA loans, bank loans or alternative loans often want to see similar financial paperwork including debt schedule, tax returns, financial statements and personal financial information. Additional paperwork may be required such as your personal tax returns and a business profit and loss statement. Bank loans usually offer the best interest rates but may not be an option for those with lower credit. In addition, bank loans take time to fund. Equipment leasing is a great option to purchase large equipment items for the store such as freezers. Cash advances allow a business to sell future credit card transactions or deposits in order to obtain cash now.


Whichever financing option you choose, consider the merits of each one and what works for your business. Organic shopping isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The business is booming and continuing to grow. A food retail loan may be your ticket to cashing in on a lucrative business opportunity.


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