Join Our Excellent Referral and Broker Program

At Optimal Alternative Lending, all brokers and referrals are encouraged to submit a transaction. You will receive top referral and commission fees if we decide to move forward with funding. You will enjoy working with us because we offer many benefits including:

  • Ongoing exceptional broker and referral relationships
  • Top fees for projects of all sizes
  • Broker and referral protection measures such as commitment letters with fees disclosed up front and fast payment after closing
  • Referrals back to you from returning clients

When you choose to work with Optimal Alternative Lending, you can be confident we always do what is best for our brokers and referrals.

Become Part of the Optimal Alternative Lending Team

With positions available across the country, Optimal Alternative Lending welcomes top applicants for our referral and broker program. Consider these questions before submitting an application:

  • Do you consider it important to work for a commercial financing company that is nationally recognized and growing quickly?
  • Would you enjoy getting a high percentage of the commission from your deals?
  • Do you want to work for a company with extensive resources that will help you get quick funding on your deals and cut through red tape?
  • Do you want the freedom to work remotely?
  • Can you work well with a team of professionals who are passionate about providing client funding?

We are in search of salespeople who:

  • Are confident in their abilities and not easily defeated by rejection
  • Possess a drive to complete responsibilities and achieve goals
  • Can stay focused while taking clients from the start of the sales process to the end
  • Are outgoing and easy to be around
  • Understand the importance of humor in a positive client experience

If you responded affirmatively to those questions and meet the description of our ideal candidate, a position with Optimal Alternative Lending could be the perfect match for you.

Find Your Future With Us

We are eager to add the right people to our team at Optimal Alternative Lending. If you are driven, willing to work hard and have some experience in sales, please contact us today to take the next step.